SFMS Workshops

Members enjoying a class at an SFMS workshop at William Holland, Photo Credit: Fred R. Sias, Jr. 

SFMS Federation Workshop Weeks

SFMS Workshops

One of the unique facets of the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies is the Workshop Program, which offers members the opportunity to gather for week-long, hands-on seminars taught by experienced instructors. Whether you are a newcomer to the lapidary arts and want to learn the basics, or whether you’re an old hand who wants to learn something new or move on to the next level, the Workshop Program has something for you.  

Students of all ages register for a week of lapidary art and earth science classes in peaceful mountain lodges. SFMS workshop classes are open to all SFMS members, all AFMS members, and the general public (additional fees will apply to non-members). 

The Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc. sponsors four Gem, Jewelry and Mineral workshops each year. These are held at Wildacres, near Little Switzerland in North Carolina, and at the William Holland Retreat near the small town of Young Harris in northeast Georgia. Both facilities offer double accommodations with a private bath. Twin bed rooms and a number of rooms with a double bed and a twin bed arrangement are available. 

A broad range of courses related to the lapidary arts are taught by qualified instructors from throughout the Federation.  All instructors are volunteers who are not paid for the highly skilled and professional experience that they bring to the workshops. 

The workshops are well equipped for common lapidary activities such as cabochon cutting, faceting, and silversmithing. Additional equipment is brought in when new or special courses are taught.

Examples of what you can learn

Images by Barbi Beatty