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Glass Fishies from a Field Trip, Image credit: Lori Carter

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The SFMS is a federation within the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS). The AFMS has a website just for kids (and parents)! 

Many SFMS clubs participate in these programs.  

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AFMS Future Rockhounds of America (FRA)

There are several programs within the FRA including the Badge Program and the Rock Pals rock exchange. 

This a wonderfully fun and educational opportunity for SFMS juniors!

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AFMS Junior Awards and Contests!

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AFMS Juniors Newsletter!

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Glass Fishies from a Field Trip

A local glass studio invited club members to visit for a field trip. One member who had taken classes there before was also invited to make a fish! The fish on the left is what the teacher made as field trip attendees watched. The club member followed along and made the fish on the right. Though she made a few mistakes, the club member was thrilled to work with glass and still rather pleased with her fish.

Image Credit: Lori Carter