Display Competition

"Petrified Wood of the West", display case by Dan Demko, Image Credit: Lori Carter

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Competitive Displays aka Uniform Rules

One of the pleasures of our hobby is sharing what we have and what we know. Displaying our collections and craftsmanship has been one of the ways we do this. Competitive exhibiting at Gem and Mineral Shows is a natural result of these displays. As we have attempted to improve our shows, we have seen competitive exhibiting grow into a major contribution.

The first shows had mineral exhibits displayed according to the whim of the exhibitor. The difficulty of judging such exhibits soon proved a need for uniformity. Rules were adopted by each of the Federations based on their own experiences. Since l96l the Uniform Rules of the American Federation have been in effect. The rules are now on a nation wide basis and as they must cover all aspects of the hobby for the thousands of interested hobbyists, they are comprehensive.

From the AFMS website 2021

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Petrified Wood Display Case by Dan Demko

In addition to buying rocks, fossils, minerals, jewelry, and other interesting items at a club rock show, you will probably see club display cases. Cases may be judged based on specific standards, casual standards, or not at all. With so many different kinds of beautiful petrified wood, this case was a popular display at one rock show.

Image Credit: Lori Carter