Contests & Awards

Sunny Florida, Image credit: Mickey Cecil

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There are several contests and awards available for members of clubs in the SFMS. Many are sponsored by the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies (AFMS), and most are guided by rules established by the AFMS. Click below to read about them.

About the image on this page

Sunny Florida Palm Tree

This palm tree pendant was made using a technique called intarsia. Pieces of rocks/minerals are cut, shaped, and pieced together. The "fronds" of this piece are made of a highly prized jasper from Mexico called imperial jasper. The "trunk" is made of fossilized palm wood, most likely an extinct species that lived 30-80 million years ago. Palm wood has long, thin rod-like structures that run vertically through the wood. The "trunk" shows the structures from the end of the wood, hence the dots. A silver setting and opal "sun" complete this pendant.

Lapidary Work and Image: Mickey Cecil