Membership Renewal

Bryozoan Sand, Photo Credit: Leo Kenney

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For Current SFMS Clubs

Please click the link below for the SFMS club membership renewal form. Once you submit the form, you will receive email with the dues amount, due date, and payment directions. Although dues and insurance payments are separate, the form allows you to indicate if your club wants to enroll in SFMS insurance. A separate invoice email for insurance will be sent later.

You need the following to complete the form:

Note: Shows from April 1st to December 31st are enrolled for 2024, but because the insurance fiscal year starts on April 1st, enrollment for a show between January 1st and March 31st is for 2025. Please keep this in mind when you enter show dates for SFMS show/event insurance. Also, if more than one club is sponsoring a show, each club must pay for event insurance.

SFMS Member Club Renewal Form

About the image on this page

Bryozoan Fossil Sand

The SFMS has liability insurance has available to member clubs. That makes field trips to quarries possible. This sand was collected on a field trip to a quarry in Tennessee. It is mostly tiny, silicified (replaced by silica) bryozoans. Bryozoans are marine invertebrates that live in colonies similar to coral.

Image Credit: Leo Kenney