Mayo Educational Foundation

Graves Mountain Suite, Image credit: Mickey Cecil

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The Mayo Foundation was established by the late Frank Mayo, the first President of the Southeast Federation of mineralogical Societies, Inc. The purpose of the foundation is to provide financial aid to qualified students in the Earth sciences and to provide financing for other educational projects of exceptional value.

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Graves Mountain Suite

In the lower right of this picture is a piece made using a technique called intarsia. Pieces of rocks/minerals are cut, shaped, and pieced together. The center of the piece is lazulite in the shape of a lazulite crystal, as you can see by an actual lazulite crystal to its left. The dark gray area surrounding the lazulite in the piece is rutile, also in the shape of a rutile crystal, with an example of an actual rutile crystal in the background of the picture. Finally, the piece is framed with quartz that has small lazulite crystals embedded. A wonderful and clever way to highlight the minerals that can be found at Graves Mountain, Georgia.

Lapidary Work and Image: Mickey Cecil