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Fossilized palm wood from a DMC field trip in Mississippi, Image credit: Beverly Pettigrew Kraft 

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A Program of the Field Trip Committee of the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies, Inc.

We are an association of field trip leaders within the Southeast Federation of Mineralogical Societies who have agreed to join together and share one of our field trips. 

SFMS clubs that want to participate in the DMC must meet all requirements and follow all of the rules and policies below. This information is also available to download in the DMC Information Packet on this page.

How it Works

SFMS clubs that carry liability insurance take turns hosting a field trip. The hosting interval is based on the number of clubs in the program. Currently the interval between hosting responsibilities is about 2 and a half years.

Benefits of being a DMC member club:

DMC Member Club Responsibilities:

One of the things people join rock clubs for is the field trips. Clubs everywhere are painfully aware of how difficult it is to find new collecting sites, plus collecting sites they have are disappearing due to construction, new ownership, management changes, etc. Being a member of the DMC field trip sharing program helps clubs provide an important benefit to their members by having field trips available. Just think of it, in exchange for hosting one trip every couple of years, your club gets dozens of trips from other clubs!

Membership Requirements

Membership Renewal

Renewal Month Limit Calculation

Last hosting month + Number of DMC Clubs + 6 months = latest month/year allowed

Example for a club that hosted in January 2018 with 31 member clubs active:

January 2018 + 31 months = August 2020 + 6 Months = February 2021 (latest month/year the club can choose)

To renew, the January host club would simply choose an open month between the next available month and February 2021, then send their choice to the DMC Coordinator.

Optional Field Trip Report

Following completion of a hosted trip, an optional field trip report is requested from the hosting club. The field trip report must be sent to the DMC Coordinator who will prepare the report for submission to the SFMS Lodestar newsletter. Besides letting the SFMS know the trip was completed, field trip reports encourage other clubs to join the DMC. The more clubs in the DMC, the longer the interval between hosting responsibilities. A report can be just a paragraph or two. Pictures are optional, but highly recommended. 

Field Trip Hosting Rules

Field Trip Submission



Field Trip Attendance Policies



(Contains all of the information above and can be downloaded)

For clubs that would like to participate in the DMC Field Trip Sharing program, click the Membership Application form icon

Lori Carter, DMC Coordinator

About the image on this page

Fossilized Palm Wood

The Mississippi Gem and Mineral Society hosted a DMC field trip to a gravel quarry where this gorgeous piece of petrified palm wood was found. Long thin structures within the wood can be seen as distinctive dots on top and long markings on the side of this piece.

Image Credit: Beverly Pettigrew Kraft