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What you need to know about the club contact form

Communications are critical in any organization. To keep member clubs informed about SFMS news and events, officers and chairs need a current contact list. In the past, clubs would submit contact information when they renewed their SFMS membership. Now, instead of submitting contact information only once a year, you can add and update contacts for your club at any time.

The form has a core set of positions such as president, treasurer, etc. It also has four additional contacts you can enter if you have positions in your club that are not one of the positions listed. You do not have to enter all of the contacts at one time. Enter the contact information you have now, then add other contacts later. 

For each position you submit, you must enter name, email address, and phone number.

Once you submit the form, your state director will receive a copy of it and must confirm it is legitimate before the contact information can be updated or added to the list.

To protect the information in the contact list, it is kept strictly private and is never posted publicly. Only SFMS officers and chairs who need the list are allowed to access it and only via their SFMS accounts.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Lori Carter, Webmaster

Click here for the club contacts form to submit contact information

Instructions for SFMS Officers and Chairs

NOTE: For privacy and security, the club contacts list is restricted to accounts ending in Club members can request contact information through their state director.

To access the club contacts list, do the following:

If you can't find the contact list or need any other assistance, please contact me by clicking Webmaster Email below.

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