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Colorful Marble from North Carolina, Image Credit: Mike Streeter

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Borrowing slide/video programs from the SFMS Slide and Video Library

Your Club must be a paid member of SFMS

Ordering Slide Programs:

After the Program has been presented.

Before wrapping the program for return to the SFMS, check:

Note 1) - Omit steps marked with (*) if return labels are used.

Note 2) - Many Postal Clerks are not familiar with "Library Rates".  It covers material - including slides - being sent to or from non-profit educational organizations.  If faced with this situation refer to: USPS Retail Mail, 170 Retail Mail Media Mail and Library Mail

 Warning: when slides are left too long in projector they will buckle from the heat and come loose from the frame, thus destroying a program!! 

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Jason Hamilton

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About the image on this page

Colorful Marble from North Carolina

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone or dolomite. Colors are caused by impurities. Marble can be found in many colors, but this specimen is unusual for its impressive rainbow of colors.

Image Credit: Mike Streeter