DMC Field Trip Form

Members collecting agate at a gravel quarry during a DMC field trip in Tennessee, Image Credit. W.C. McDaniel

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DMC Field Trip Details Form and Field Trip Submission Form

DMC member clubs who need to submit details for a DMC field trip they are hosting, click here or the Field Trip Form icon. Complete the trip details form and attach it to the field trip submission form below or email it to the DMC Coordinator at the email address below. This form must be submitted at least one month before the 1st of the month of the trip. If it is not received by the 10th of the month before the month of the trip, the club will be dropped from the DMC program and cannot re-apply for DMC membership for 1 year. For example, if your trip is in May, you must submit your field trip notice by April 10th.

Note: Because this form allows attachments, Google requires a Google account or Gmail address to submit it. This is to prevent spam and viruses. A Google account does not require a Gmail address, you can use any email address you have, but you may prefer to use a Gmail address.

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Gravel Pile

Field trip attendees had plenty of gravel to explore on a DMC field trip hosted by the Memphis Archaeological and Geological Society. Among the goodies found were agates, jaspers, and various fossils including fossilized coral!

Image Credit: W. C. McDaniel