President's Message

Mandarin Calcite, Image Credit: Dennis Buchanan

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President's Message

As we say goodbye to 2022 and look forward to 2023 there are three things that I would like to accomplish. Number 1 would be to improve communications between the local clubs and the Federation.The Communications committee is working very hard to solve this problem. Number 2 is to make it easier for the local clubs to pay dues and insurance at the beginning of the year. The membership committee is already working to solve this problem. Number 3 is to get more of our clubs involved with our youth programs. None of our members are getting younger. If your club would like more information, please contact Mike Harrison at:

Each year at this time the President starts to fill all of the committee positions for the new year.To do this he needs members to volunteer. Without volunteers there would not be any local clubs or federation. Please step up and volunteer when called upon by your local club or the federation. Some volunteer positions require very little while others require much. Please go to the website: and look at the various committee positions. Also, go to the bylaws and read about the committee that you would be interested in.

The Officers and Committees Handbook is still a work in progress. If any officer or committee chairman has any suggestions for change, please get these to me ASAP.

I have been in contact with the clubs in Kentucky and Virginia by phone where we do not have State Directors. All of these contacts have been very positive. We need a state director in all states. The state directors hold a key role in the Federation. The state director is elected by the clubs in that state. Once elected they become board members for the Federation.

In 2023 let's all pull together for the benefit of the Federation. The Federation heeds to hear from all of the local clubs. Go to and check out what is going on within the Federation. All officer emails are listed if you need to make contact.

I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.

Dennis Buchanan, SFMS President

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Mandarin Calcite

This beautiful calcite from North Carolina fluoresces a stunning bright pink-red color under medium wave UV light.

Image Credit: Dennis Buchanan