President's Message

Mandarin Calcite, Image Credit: Dennis Buchanan

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President's Message

The Federation President has the power to appoint committees for the benefit of the Federation. The Federation is composed of the member clubs or societies.

These committees are appointed to assist the member clubs and societies. But ... wait; let's ask a few more questions. How do you expect the committees to work when they do not receive any input from the local clubs? Does your local club contribute constructive ideas and suggestions to be brought before the annual meeting for the benefit of the local clubs? Do you ever send constructive suggestions to the bylaws committee? Have you ever used a Federation video program at your club meetings? Have you as an individual member or as a club group made an educational video for the federation library? Do you suggest program ideas to the Education committee? Does your club have a bulletin or newsletter?

We have some excellent newsletters within the Federation. Do you share your newsletter with other clubs or with the Federation newsletter The Lodestar? No club is too small to have a newsletter. Does your Editor attend the Annual Editors breakfast and seminar? Do you keep the Federation informed when officers change in your local club? Do you keep your State Director and the membership secretary informed when local clubs are having problems? Do you send names of individuals as possible Federation officers when requested by the Nominating committee? I could go on asking these questions.

If your club is not contributing to any of the above, then the Federation isn't doing anything because you are the FEDERATION, and you are falling down on your job!!!!

The bottom line is you are asking the wrong question. You the local clubs are the Federation, so ask yourself the same question, what are we the Federation doing for our members? What are we doing to make this the best and greatest Federation within the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies?

I have been working on a revision of the 1998 Officers and committees handbook. It has taken several weeks of work to get the 1988 typewriter version of the hand book to the point of having a digital version. I have sent to each officer and committee person their section to make changes if necessary. Once I receive these sections back, I will compile all the sections and get a copy ready for our Quarterly meeting on June 11th. If accepted by the Board we can place a copy on the website at: That way everyone can see what each job requires.

Dennis Buchanan, SFMS President

About the image on this page

Mandarin Calcite

This beautiful calcite from North Carolina fluoresces a stunning bright pink-red color under medium wave UV light.

Image Credit: Dennis Buchanan