Junior Clay Beads, Image Credit: Lori Carter

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New Website Contest Rules, Scoresheets, and Entry Form for the SFMS Website Contest are available on the AFMS website. Click here.

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Purpose of the Website Contest

Websites help clubs get information to their members and to people who are considering membership.  Scoring is designed to help webmasters improve their websites with guidance for presenting important information in a simple, but effective way.

How it Works

See the link below for the AFMS website contest page to fill out the entry form. The AFMS website also has information about scoring, including what judges will be looking for and how points are deducted/awarded. In addition, the AFMS website has helpful guidelines for webmasters. 

Webmasters who decide not to enter the contest can still receive scores and information for improving their club's website by submitting a contest form as a non-compete entry.

All webmasters are encouraged to read about scoring and guidelines anyway because they contain excellent information and advice for improving club websites.

Website Contest Results

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SFMS Website Contest Results

About the image on this page

Junior Clay Beads

Clubs often have community service events. At this event, juniors made polymer clay beads for other kids who are undergoing medical treatments.

Image Credit: Lori Carter