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Tourmaline from a DMC field trip in Tennessee, Image credit: Lori Carter

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Field trips are an important benefit for clubs to attract and keep members. Unfortunately, many clubs do not have the resources to offer field trips to their members, so it becomes difficult to attract new members, and without membership to support field trips, it is hard to provide field trips. It is a circular problem. The DMC Partner Program is designed to help clubs with this problem.

DMC Partner Clubs


A club that needs help with field trips can partner with a current DMC member club that has agreed to sponsor them for the DMC Partner Program. Only one sponsor per club, and only one club per sponsor. Members of a sponsored club are able to attend DMC field trips. More field trips for their club helps attract new members. In return, the sponsored club must help their sponsor when it is the sponsor’s turn to host a DMC trip. The goal is to help strengthen a club in general so that it can become a DMC member on its own.

Sponsored Club

To be accepted into the DMC Partner Program, a club must:

1. Have field trip liability insurance.

2. Have a current DMC member club in good standing willing to sponsor them.

3. Submit a form explaining why they need a DMC partner.

4. Receive approval from the DMC Coordinator.

Sponsored Club Responsibilities

The sponsored club must commit to help with their sponsor’s DMC field trip and must explain how they will help. They cannot simply “piggyback” on the other club’s DMC trip.

Upon completion of their sponsor’s DMC trip, the sponsored club must submit a field trip report to the DMC Coordinator detailing how their club contributed to the success of the trip.

The term of the partnership is through one DMC cycle. This means that the partnership will end before the next time the sponsor hosts another DMC trip. However, exceptions may be allowed.

Sponsoring Club

To sponsor another club for the DMC Partner Program, a club must:

1. Be a current DMC member club in good standing.

2. Be hosting a DMC field trip the first year of the partnership.

3. Submit a sponsorship form detailing how they expect the other club will help them with their DMC trip. The sponsorship form also allows the sponsoring club to confirm their commitment as a sponsor.

Sponsoring Club Responsibilities

Upon successful completion of their DMC trip, in addition to their standard DMC field trip report, the sponsor must complete an evaluation form to report how well the sponsored club performed.


Every year by January 31st, the two clubs must renew their participation in the DMC Partner Program even if the sponsoring club is not hosting a DMC field trip that year. Annual renewal ensures ongoing commitment to help strengthen a struggling club and to provide mutually beneficial support for the sponsoring club.

End of the Partnership

The partnership cannot be indefinite. Termination can occur for any of the following reasons:

1. The partnership has existed through one cycle of DMC hosting. The partnership will end before the sponsor club hosts another DMC field trip. Note: A sponsored club may seek another sponsor for another cycle or both clubs may request an exception for one more cycle.

2. The sponsored club becomes a full-fledged DMC member club.

3. Either club decides to end the partnership. No reason is required.

4. Either club decides not to renew the partnership.

5. The sponsoring club reports that the sponsored club did not contribute to their DMC trip sufficiently or in the manner agreed.

6. Either club is no longer a member of the SFMS.

7. The sponsored club is suspended from the DMC field trip partner program for violating DMC rules.

8. The sponsoring club is no longer a member of the DMC field trip sharing program or has been suspended from the DMC.

9. Either of the clubs does not have field trip liability insurance.

Additional Comments

This program is to help struggling clubs by providing field trips. It is not intended for clubs to enjoy the benefits of the DMC field trip sharing program without contributing. At this time, there is no limit to the number of times a club may be sponsored; however, if the program is abused, limits may be applied.

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For clubs that would like to participate in the DMC Partner program, click the DMC Partner Application form icon.

Lori Carter, DMC Coordinator

About the image on this page

Tourmaline Crystals

The Huntsville Gem and Mineral Society hosted a DMC field trip to an old mine in Georgia. This specimen of schorl tourmaline was spectacular straight out of the ground, even with mud all over it!

Image Credit: Lori Carter