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Skeletal quartz from a field trip in South Carolina, Image Credit: Mike Streeter

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To bring about a closer association of Clubs and Societies devoted to the study of Earth Sciences and the practice of Lapidary Arts and Crafts in the Southeast part of the United States, and to cooperate with similar Federations to promote public interest in the Earth Sciences and the conservation of natural resources.

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About the image on this page

Skeletal Quartz from a Field Trip in South Carolina

This quartz gets it's name from it's skeleton-like appearance. According to geologist Mike Streeter, the distinctive pattern is caused by "internal and external dissolution-growth features resulting from unstable conditions during crystallization. At the time that the crystals were forming, the conditions were such that the crystals would alternate between growing and dissolving. This 'two-step forward and one-step backward' process resulted in the unusual step-like appearance."

Image Credit: Mike Streeter